The Project SCIM software is instant messaging software with a difference. When the program is started it creates a secure chat window where you can send encrypted instant messages to your contacts and friends at any time.

You can download the latest version here.

News:: April 2004: UK Law requires IM logging

UK companies may be "falling foul of corporate accountability regulations by failing to track and archive instant messaging (IM) conversations among workers" according to an article in The Register. Only SCIM Enterprise Edition allows for the secure logging and archiving of IMs. If you need an Enterprise Edition License, you should Upgrade now.

The Register:UK firms must monitor staff IMs

News:: February 2004: SCIM in the news.

An article explaining why you need secure IM from the research labs at ZDNet/RMIT. Read it here...

August 29th: SCIM 1.6 and SCIM Pro 1.6 released!

The secure cryptographic instant messenger that you all know and love has just had its latest launch in two distinct versions. SCIM 1.6 adds great new features to your chat sessions such as conversation archival and embedded hyperlinks in the chat window.

Download it here now.

SCIM Pro 1.6 uses the same software as SCIM 1.6 on your desktop, but adds extra features through licensing. By purchasing a license subscription you will be able to start conferences (multi-user secure chats) and invite your contacts into the conference.

You'll also be supporting the ProjectSCIM team so that we can bring you other enhanced features, which license holders will be automatically entitled to for the period of their subscription. Non-licensed SCIM users will still be able to join a secure conference if invited by someone with a SCIM Pro license.

To purchase a SCIM Pro license, click here.

The ProjectSCIM team is committed to keeping the SCIM edition of the software free for non-commercial use, and you'll always be able to enjoy encrypted one-to-one chat free of charge. We enable licensed features on the server side of the software, so you can be sure that the desktop client for SCIM edition will always be kept up to date at the same time as SCIM Pro.

We have done our best to offer the SCIM community a way to get the power of SCIM for free and allow us to pay our bills. We hope that this way of licensing will keep us ad-free and online for your use.

We hope you enjoy our new software, and that we can count on your continued support as we build and improve it.

Happy Scimming!

News:: July 25th: The ProjectSCIM servers have undergone a major hardware upgrade, to support the ever-growing SCIM community.

There has been near-zero interruption to service, but it has meant that Peer-to-Peer chat will not be operational while our DNS transfers take place. Your all-encrypted chat sessions will be via the ProjectSCIM server during this period, even if you select the P2P feature. We anticipate that the DNS transfers will take 48 hours, after which time normal service will be resumed.

Please bear with us while the transfer takes place. Continue to try using the P2P feature over the next 2 days until you see the message 'Your conversation is now bypassing the server' after you select P2P. You must see this message in your chat window to know that your conversation is P2P.

Thank you, and happy scimming!

New Release:: June 17th: Project SCIM version 1.04 finally released and available to the public!

The third release of the software they tried to ban is primarily a bug fix and can be downloaded here now completely free for non-commercial use. If you already have a previous version it is easy to upgrade to the new version.

Since ProjectSCIM's launch there have been many articles about the Project in various on and offline publications.

But what is it? Unlike other instant messaging systems, all of your messages are completely encrypted before they leave your computer and only your friend's computer can decipher the text of the messages!

This means your communications will always be kept secret from your business competitors, snoopers, even your boss, your co-workers and your network administrator!

You can now download the Project SCIM software, completely free for non-commercial use.